Kiria Cora 
Certified Heartmath Trainer-Coach  

Kiria Cora is a passionate and vibrant educational Heartmath Certified mentor-trainer who is constantly updating her knowledge tool-kit and embracing new proven techniques to serve companies. She has fully embraced the Six Seconds model and heartmath Institute advocating for emotional intelligence programs and strategies.

Her commitment and dedication to self- improvement led her to earn multiples a Certification to provide Corporate training in differents areas of Leadership combining EQ - Emotional Intelligence and Resilience - Stress Managements Biofeedback to provide psychological relief to assist employees and leaders.

Kiria is a certified trainer with Points of View, The Coaching Game® and she is Certified Heartmath® mentor and Heartmath® certified trainer. In addition, Kiria is a Certified Practitioner using the 6seconds using Emotional intelligence methodology. She is passionate about seeking freedom based on knowledge by learning easy, practical and dynamic tools to apply by recognizing our patterns we can reach a higher level of awareness in the use of our emotions to achieve better results in our life.